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03/21/2019 ~ 03/27/2019

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Grayton Beach Reef Snorkel Tour

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Duration2.5 Hrs.
Explore one of Grayton Beach’s newest aquatic features: the artificial reef! Begin your day with detailed instruction...
Booked this trip thru Tripshock and was so glad we did! We live in Ft Walton and there's not really anywhere to snorkel except the jetties. Clarity isn't very good and there's not much to see. This snorkel trip in Grayton is totally different! First, the car ride to the state park is about an hour from FWB. Entry was free for us bc the TDC is doing a summer special. When you get to the park, Steve and Walt help everyone get fitted for their snorkel gear and then walk you down to the water. They have a dry box for your keys and sandals. You wade through the water and then hop on a large floating hobie board. It's like a giant paddleboard with straps. They tow the board out to the reef which is no easy task! The water was emerald green and blue. Beautiful and incredibly clear! Steve and Walt do a great job of explaining how to use the equipment, explaining what you are seeing and keeping the group together! You can bring your own cameras, phones, etc but you are responsible for those. One member of our group lost her phone but it was found by another snorkel person a few yards away, thankfully. We got to see TONS of fish, sea urchins, wahoo, baracuda, etc! It was honestly just gorgeous! It's also a serious workout. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who doesn't know how to swim. The current can make you drift and they do move around the reef in different areas to see everything so you would have to keep up. Steve and Walt bring bottled water for everyone too! They are great and we can't wait to come again!
The reefs are beautiful and our guide, Walt, was great!! He was fun, engaging and dealt well with the fact that we were mostly very inexperienced. I loved being over the reefs, there's lots of wildlife to see!! I also really enjoyed snorkeling farther out in the ocean than I would normally go and feeling safe knowing we had a guide with us. Thanks Walt!
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